Wednesday, March 21, 2012

At First Light: Day 4 The Blame Game

It is so easy to pass the blame. And this morning I did.
The alarm was set. I was ready and willing to listen.
But I heard his quiet, calm, convincing whisper in the dark. And his dark logic made sense.
Missing one day won't matter. You need your sleep.
You got up with Lilli again last night.
You have been exhausted. Start again tomorrow.
The enemy is out to destroy and he preys on our weakness.

Sometimes it is wise to sit and contemplate when
we are faced with a burning question.
But answering a calling from God
requires immediate action. 

Hesitation is the worst enemy to discipline.
Pause gives us time to justify.
Delay becomes disobedience.
This morning, lingering became defeat.
Today I did not do what I set out to do.

I could choose to linger all day in the muck, feeling badly about not carving out the first light for Jesus today. But I have made another choice. Instead of meditating on the hesitation of this morning, I am focusing on the hope of this afternoon-setting aside time for prayer and quietness in the presence of God. He is here and He is loving, opening His arms to me at anytime of the day. He doesn’t hold me at arms length in disappointment, but cuddles me in hope. Tomorrow morning is a new day and another chance to begin. I feel hope in the reminder that I am not doing this to please God. Spending more time with Him will not get me more grace, more forgiveness or more love. Those things are already offered to me unconditionally by the gift of the cross. I have set out to offer Him the first hour of my day to get to know Him better.

And even in my failure today, I am become more intimate with a God who longs for me to know Him more.

Praise God for His unending promises.
Blessing in Christ, Jodi

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