Friday, January 8, 2010

When on the fence...grab the diaper bag and go see a friend!

The day started off frustrating. I battled a bitter, snowy day (which means putting on two puffy, pink jackets, hats...oh and watching my 3year old melt down when she couldn't get her matching gloves on all by herself!) to get the children to Lacey's follow-up doctor's appointment this morning. Thankfully my husband was there to help.

We were at the office for over an hour. Then, with the help of a sweet nurse, we had to practically hog-tie Lacey down as she received her first treatment with a Nebulizer (something really easy to explain to a toddler who has been put to sleep twice in the past 6 months for various ailments).

By the time we got loaded back in the car and looped through the Pharmacy window for THIS WEEK's prescription, I had basically had it. It was 10:30 am.

The voicemail I had waiting for me was sent from God. My good friend Kelly called me back, hoping we could all grab lunch. I had to girls are pretty scheduled-playtime in the rooms normally happens around 11 am, lunch at noon, book time, naps at 1 pm (I get exhausted just writing it out). Would this screw up our day?

Well girls, I never thought I'd say this but for the type of daily life I live now, making the decision to go and spontaneously meet up with Kel and her sister-in-law Katie felt like taking a walk on the wild side! And boy do I like to live life on the edge (Kelly-no comment from you!)hehe

We had a blast!!! Picture 6 children, three mommies (one is pregnant!) sitting at Atlanta Bread Bakery with grill cheese sandwiches flying and food strewn everywhere. There were loads of dirty looks. We didn't care.

The best part about it is that I left lunch with a spring in a step, glad to be around women who are dealing with the same things I am everyday. And both of my friends make it look easy and fun. They blessed and encouraged me today - just by being in their presence.

So here is my thought for today's blog: When you are having a bad day -GET OUT OF THE HOUSE AND HAVE A POW WOW WITH ANOTHER MOM!


When we are home 90% of the time, caring for little ones, it can get pretty easy to isolate and cut off what we need the most-interaction with other people.

Pack your diaper bag and call a girlfriend. Go to lunch, change your routine, and take delight in a conversation with another adult. Like author Joanne Weaver says, "It's amazing how good, old fashioned fellowship can lift our spirits and chase away the blues,"(page 21 Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World")

As for Lacey, she ate very very well at lunch. I also think she got a boost from being out of the house. She is cleared to be out and about now but we will be helping her breathe a little easier by twice a day using the Nebulizer. She weighed in at 23.5 lbs. Not great at all but she has grown a few inches in the past two months which is wonderful! Pray that DJ and I can help this baby PACK on the pounds!

And for all you who are READING this blog but NOT POSTING- I know who you are!! lol....get writing girls!

PS-The picture I posted is off Lillian her two cousins R.J. and Maylynn on Halloween. Where is Lacey? Oh -not pictured because she was throwing a temper tantrum on the floor!
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