Monday, March 5, 2012

The Gift of Lingering In His Light....

I knew in my gut that this was not going to go well. The baby didn't nap, my husband and I were wiped from a long weekend of parties and chores and the girls had already swapped their Sunday Christmas dresses for P.J.'s.
We were far from picture-perfect ready.

But she called with a sweet invitation, offering the talent of her lens. Saying yes meant spontanetity, flexibility. It also meant rounding up the herd.

We threw on our red sweaters and scarves, grabbing our boots as we ran out the door. "It will just be the kids," I assured my husband, pulling him away from the warm couch and his favorite football team.

We had only minutes of sunlight left before the darkness started to creep across the cornfield. Dusk was closing in all around us...

It never goes like you think it should.

But sometimes it turns out better.

The gift for which I am most thankful this Tuesday I have unwrapped from mothering. It is the peace and joy that comes from surrendering to the present. I first learned its power five and a half years ago when she was placed in my arms. The world was busy, moving, hectic. I was armed with a plan. But the gift of new life was serene, fragile and fragrant. To experience her personally and know her intimately required fluidity. Flexibility.

The invitation to embrace the presence of God is the same.
It is surrendering in the present moment.
It is now.

And as the sun lowered below the treeline, I had to smile at how beautiful it felt to linger in that last bit of daylight, to recognize the presence of God in the small faces of His Creation.

This Tuesday and during this Advent season may you take time to pause.
Linger in the light of Christ as you hear the whisper of God's voice.

Responding to His invitation to be present (with or without make-up!) might just blow you away. It may become a memory of spiritual intimacy that lasts long after the pictures fade.

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