Friday, March 23, 2012

At First Light Day 6 A Prayer for Today

I have it tacked to my mirror, right above the sink.

It is a gentle reminder of what only God can give me and of how much I can't accomplish on my own.
Since September, I have been trying to recite the following prayer each morning before my day begins. This is just one of the gifts I have received since joining a Catholic Bible Study ( over four years ago.

May it be an encouragement to you.
"Throughout this day, may I pour myself out in humble service. May I be full of You, God, and empty of selfish desires and malicious intentions. May I drink deeply of Your Spirit, God, so that kindness and peacefulness flow through all my words and actions.  May I be loud in praise of others and silent to their faults. May joy and laughter well up from deep within me, washing over sadness and disappointments that surely will come. May each and every day be Your day, God, and may all who see me see only Your Son.  Amen."
(2011 Walking With Purpose)
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