Sunday, March 18, 2012

At First Light: Day 1 Being just quiet enough...

“You stay my heart. I’m not going to worry. I know that you got me, right inside the palm of your hand. You stay my heart.” (Stay My Heart, Kari Jobe)

I thought I was being quiet enough. Obviously, not. I crept down the hallway, carrying my sweats and running shoes, holding my breath trying not to make a sound. The house was quiet. Too quiet! I’ve forgotten what that kinda silence sounds like. It was still dark outside. I hesitated at the top of our creaky stairs and took a deep breath. My foot lifted to tiptoe down and I heard her small voice calling my name. “Mama…are you up? But it’s not morning time yet! Can I get up too?” And my heart sank.

The brainstorm came yesterday, while we sat side by side as our two youngest of the bunch were within arms reach, playing on the floor. “I just don’t have enough time to get everything done,” she confessed and I agreed. “I always feel like I’m a step behind,” I confided. “I think we need to get up earlier before the kids.”

Our eyes met and we smiled. A plan started to form.
We would tackle this together
and we would blog about it each day, for 30 days.
I hestitated, could we really do this?
Brooks said a resounding “Yes”!
I’m eager to give God the first part of my day.
I want to meet him “At First Light” and
see what He has to show me.

But the biggest blessing of all? I’m looking forward to getting to know Brooks even better. This “friend” of mine is so much more than a friend, she is a sister. A sister through friendship. A sister through shared motherhood. A sister through marriage. A sister in Christ.

I tucked Lacey back in bed and wrestled with that familiar voice of defeat. “See Jodi, this will never work. Get back in bed for a few more minutes. Start tomorrow.” But accountability requires action. I remembered my commitment to Brooks and went straight downstairs and put my shoes on. I walked this morning. I walked further than I have in over a year. It was beautiful all around me. I saw the baby bunnies chasing after their mommas, I watched the sun creep up into the sky. I smelled that first, new morning smell. I heard the birds singing. And I heard the voice of God. It whispered peace and encouragement into my heart. I breathed in His presence and let go of my worries.

Be sure to check out Brooks' Journal:


Blessings, Jodi

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