Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When your (Heavenly) Papa names your gift...

My Papa named my gift
years before I could see it.
Good Papas are like that aren't they?
They know their daughters.
Really KNOW their daughters. 
Papas like mine celebrate their daughters' strengths, draw out their goodness.
"How would you describe your firstborn?"
asked a family friend,
as we sat around the dinner table. 
 "That's easy," he said,
 "Jodi is in one word...PASSIONATE.
She's intense about everything she does."
My strong, earthly Father gave an answer,
at the time, that made me blush.
But that adjective has stuck. 
A word at first I was afraid to own. 
Afraid until I labored and bore her.
Nursed and rocked her. Loved and taught her.
 Felt my tears drip over her little body. 
 Until I felt the intense undying love for the three other precious lives that would come after her. 
I serve a passionate God.
He loves me, He loves you, with compelling emotion. His love is intense. Fiery. Burning. Excitable. Constant. My God is passionate. Passionate about you, His beloved daughter. 
My journey in mothering has brought me to the feet of Jesus. His Cross. His unconditional surrender for me. His Passion.  
I pray this writing outlet leads you to the same place. Through my stories, may you catch a glimpse of the God whom I have found.
May you come to know Him,
rely on Him and love Him.  
Blessings my dear sisters, Jodi