Friday, March 30, 2012

At First Light: Day 13 I Took His Place In The Pew

This morning he had planned on going,
but I asked if I could take his place.
He nodded yes, giving me a deep gaze.
I quickly showered and then ran
out the door without breakfast.

I smiled as I drove by myself.
A rare treat to be alone and
heading to such a wonderful place.

I love early morning.
I never used to (just ask my Dad when he would wake me up for high school each day) but
now I absolutely treasure the stillness of morning.

The way the air smells.
The sounds of quiet.
The sun just starting to burn off the morning fog.
I love the new chance that each day promises to bring.
Nothing feels soured or tired.
Just fresh.

When I got there I was surprised at how many others had come too. We closed our eyes to hear the Lord's Word read aloud. Grabbed hands when we
prayed as our Father had taught us.
Leaned in closer to show the signs of peace.
And gathered to participate in the
beautiful sacrifice of our Lord.

When it ended I longed for more.
More quiet. More focus. More of Jesus.

     Just a regular weekday, but an unforgettable encounter.

May He be what you long for today.

Blessings, Jodi

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