Monday, April 2, 2012

At First Light: Day 16 An Upside Down View

Oh, hey
Ok...I know this picture is much different than all of the rest...but I saw it tonight and thought this describes me in this "season" of now. All day I have had these beautiful, rambling thoughts that I have been planning on writing down tonight. But the interruptions keep on coming!

Just now, after writing that last sentence, I spent the last twenty minutes wrestling with a half-asleep kindergartner trying to convince her to swallow some Tylenol. The last few nights have consisted of crazy times of negotiations to get her medicated. Thank goodness for all of those hours I logged in as a real estate agent. I knew my skills in sales would pay off somehow.

Tonight was no exception. As I calmly poured the liquid and held her in my arms she suddenly flailed around and knocked into my hand pouring the Tylenol everywhere. EVERYWHERE. We both somehow wound-up covered in gooey, red medicine. The stickiness created yet another melt-down, resulting in her stripping off her P.J.'s and screaming at the top of her lungs. (funny huh? I'm supposed to be in bed but am contemplating pouring a glass of wine if that tells you how hysterical I found this scene).  We travelled to the bathroom as I tried to help her get cleaned up. Again, I learned it's impossible to reason with insanity (ie- a kid on pain meds). Lilli became so loud and upset it seemed the whole upstairs was shaking.  Lacey woke up and started screaming. And our fun 10 pm impromptu family time just kept getting better from there.....Oh the joy of having our 5-year-old's tonsils removed. Forget about getting to know God at First Light....I'm also getting to know Him at all hours of the night!

Tonight after dinner this is how my conversation with my hubby went.

Hubby: I read your blog today.

Me: (Trying to hide my excitement and my smile and talk coolly... This is my first real adult conversation of the day.)  Really?

Big pause.

Me: Well, what did you think?

Hubby: It was .....interesting I guess.

Me: (I try to hide my irritation). That's it?

Hubby: Yeah, it was.....cute.

Big pause.

Me: (my tone getting somewhat erratic now....I haven't had much sleep lately...) Oh, that's it? Nothing else?
You have to give me more than that. Cute?
(I was actually now looking around for something to throw).

Hubby: Yes.

Me: (erratic now borderline hysterical) Please say something more.

Hubby: (noticing my sudden mood shift) was nice.

Big stare. From me to him. The mean one.

Hubby: It's just that the first few days started off so strong and insightful. Really great to read. And then it seems you missed a few morning and your posts dropped off......they got significantly shorter.

Me: yes....(trying to act more loving...not really working)

Hubby: Well, and then you started combining posts into two days. I thought it was cute.

I wanted to punch him. A turned around to face him, ready to let him know he was making my effort to write seem so trivial.......
And then we both burst out laughing.

If I'm honest this blog is SO NOT WHAT I WAS ENVISIONING! I had dreamed of beautifully written, articulate posts. Breathtaking "moments" and hours to share my thoughts and what God is teaching me.  Instead, I have been summoned back to the planet Earth.  Life has already gotten in the way and I have written just a smudge of what I have brewing in my heart. But I am going to do my best to keep going, even if it is crazy and irrational posts like this one tonight!

Praise be to God!

BTW.....I'm off to tackle Lilli again with
her next teaspoon of medicine!
Hopefully this time we don't
both end up naked and screaming in the bathroom.
Although, I wouldn't be surprised....

Blessings, Jodi

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