Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Read. This. Before. Tomorrow.

1.  Always get all four kids dressed for the day BEFORE they come downstairs, even on a snow day. Otherwise, it takes three times longer if you attempt to dress them later and all morning you feel like you are working backward.

2. No matter how good of an idea it sounds like at the time, do not let said kids climb into your queen size bed and watch an hour of cartoons (as you attempt to doze) before feeding them breakfast. Meltdowns are inevitable. No one will eat. You will end up giving in and giving them full reign of Aunt Diana's and DeeDee's "generous" Valentine Candy bags because you can't stand the whining. Sugar highs will follow. 

3. Under no circumstances should you get a dog. He will chew up Lacey's Harped Seal science fair project and then escape out of her bedroom balcony door with the beloved stuffed, white seal animal in his mouth (torn from the science mobile). She will cry. You will want to cry. We will all go out in the snow, half-dressed, and chase this lovable dog. This never ends well. For anybody.

4. When you have scheduled your day around driving to your parents house to help "nurse" your Mom as she recovers from surgery, and your Dad calls early that morning to say you no longer need to come. Go anyway. Your Mom needs you even though your Dad thinks she's "fine". And he will call you back later and beg you to come. Stick to your plan. Visit your Mom first thing. 

5. It's ok to tell your kids that they can NOT play in the snow and not be a mean Mom. Snow tracked through the house by wet socks and drippy pants (the same pants that just took us 30 minutes to all put on) is enough to drive this Mom crazy at 10 am. You are not robbing them of a wonderful childhood experience by saying no to the snow for just ONE DAY. Stay strong.

6. When your two-year-old darling, who is just learning to talk, gets mad and tells you to "Shush it!" and then after you won't give her the juice box she's begging for, follows up with, "You're mean!". Don't shrug and think, "Well, if three out of four of these kiddos turn out alright I will settle for that..." Please, take the time and energy to correct her. Not give her the juice box.

7. At the end of this day, if you reread this post and feel drained, hang in there. Pour a giant glass of red wine, wrap your unshowered body in a down blanket and crawl into bed. Text a good girlfriend who will hopefully remind you that regardless of numbers 1-6, you are still doing alright at this mothering thing. Because in just 7 short hours? Mama, the alarm will go off and it ALL begins again...

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