Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Sisters

 To my blogging sisters,

Things have been a bit CRAZY in our house the last few weeks. I feel like each hour has just been flying by and these summer days are swift and wonderful.  God has really been whispering to me some strong words lately; asking that I give my most and my best to the four "littles" . 

He's entrusted me with and also carve out purposeful time for my husband.  In short, before I minister to others He's asking me to "get my own house in order"!

God's been leading me through more daily discipline. That has meant less time for phone calls and get-togethers as I focus on caring for my brood. It also has been joyous for DJ and I to dream and plan about building our next home as we prepare to move to a farm! It's been all beautiful - each day so spent on "loving" that I'm practically asleep before my head hits the pillow!

I found this today (see link below) during my brief quiet time and I keep thinking about it all morning. It struck a deep cord as I so vividly remember how it felt to carry Annabelle and the sacrifices that little life required. I lift up my sister Diana today as she so selflessly and so joyfully offers up her body for this precious baby boy.

I read this and the Lord really touched my heart. Touched me so deeply that I had to hide out in the bathroom to weep for a few moments. Motherhood requires so much of us. It strips us down to our core and I believe the greatest gift of carrying and welcoming each new life is that God teaches us SO MUCH more about Him through every pregnancy. He shows us so much about WHO HE IS through mothering each child. All different temperments. Instructing children requires such growth in virtue. Each one is truly a reflection of our heavenly King.

He is revealing so much to me lately. So much about my tendency to crave CONTROL and why I lean that way. And about how much more He can move through my broken life as I continue to learn what it means to give up EVERYTHING (my will, my desires, my time) to follow and serve Him.

I'm hoping to get back into the habit of writing again soon but until then, let's continue to lift each other up in daily prayer.

I praying this ministers to you today.....

Love, Jodi