Friday, September 6, 2013

A Kindergarten Song: A letter to celebrate our second child Lacey Marie

Our dear Lacey ,

On this, the year of your fifth birthday and
first day of kindergarten, we give thanks for
 you. Abundant gratitude for a blooming life. 
 The gift of bearing and laboring a second
daughter is one so beautiful that I’m hoping
these words can showcase a glimpse of the
 depth of devotion and love I have for you,
my sweet girl.
Daddy and I, we asked for you. We prayed for
you. When you were growing inside of me, we
sang to you. Your sister Lilli sang to you too.
Songs of praise to a God who had blessed us
with this new life. Songs of comfort to a tiny
 daughter, as her arms and legs and soul were
 starting to form. Songs of joy and hope for
what God had already planned for this
beautiful life to come.
You love to sing now. As a four year old, you
 belted out your favorite hymns and praises to
 our Lord on your little toy microphone. You
memorize and rehearse; singing the same
tunes over and over. “Oh darlin’ don’t you
ever grow up….” is one of your favorites.  You
 make your grandmothers both smile with
delight when you spontaneously break out
into song. Just today you stood tall and sang
for your great-grandmother Nanny in the
nursing home. Lace, anyone in ear shot can’t
help but hum along when you sing. What a
 gift your voice is to our Savior. Daddy and I
 think you might become a song writer!

You are sitting on my lap now and we are
holding each other. Holding tight as I retell
 the story of the day I met you. You snuggle in
 closer and ask me about the moment we met.
“Tell me again, Mama. Say the words again.
Tell me what I was like when I was borned.”
 And although it doesn’t seem possible, we
grow even more into each other as I stroke
your hair and tell you yet another version of
 the day my life was changed the hour
I first met you.

You arrived in the quiet.

Still as the night of your awakening, you
broke through me without making a sound.
 I quickly asked Daddy if you were ok
because you did not cry at all.

"She is perfect," he whispered to me,

with tears rolling down his strong face.

"Our baby girl is simply stunning."

Your protector, Daddy, held you first, looking
you over so carefully. And then he lay you on
my bare chest. I wrapped my nightgown
around you. Skin on skin. You were so new,
still covered and wet. Just born.  Just
“borned” as you like to say!

You are a gift from our King.

You already had your own mark; beautiful
toes, a full head of dark hair, your own
smell. Daddy and I were dumbfounded at
how quiet you were. Not a peep. Just a look.
An intense look up at us with glorious big,
brown eyes. A glance into my soul as if telling
me, “Mama, I am here and I am fine.”  No
crying at all. Our easiest delivery yet.  You
have been a blessing from the start, Lacey.

Your serene birth is one of my life’s most
treasured memories.  

These past years, you
have given us so many more memories to
celebrate. And for you we are thankful.
Grateful for your laugh, your tenderness as
you teach Trippy to share, the way your eyes
light up when Daddy comes home, the way
you beg your sister to play “horseys” one more
time as she carries you on her back, your
mercy for animals, and your teasing nature.

You are a natural leader, fearless almost. You
are feisty and independent, fiercely loyal to
me. But most of all Lace, we are thankful for
your heart for Jesus.  

This year your body has grown so many

inches! But you still fit perfectly on my lap.

Lacey, as you continue grow, there will
always be a spot for you here. As I write this,
you climb up and kiss my cheek every few
minutes right now, unsure of the emotion
pouring down my face as I scratch out
worship to my God for you, but aware that
your love makes it all better. 

You cry because
I do. Your heart is just that way.
You have a gift Lacey. You sense and see me,
all of me. I cannot hide my emotions from
you. Even as an infant you were always in
touch with me, physically and emotionally.
Five years later, you are the same. You always
ask me, “Mama, are you ok?”
Your strong eyes push me to transparency.
I am changed forever because of you.

We send you off to kindergarten today,
dropping you off at a school where your heart
will be cherished and your gifts will be seen.
Abundant blessings to you, our dear girl, as
you embark on this next journey. You are
ready Lace! Enjoy your young teacher. Be a
blessing and a minister to your new friends.
Delight in your sister when you see her on
the playground. Embrace the learning and
the virtue training at
Lighthouse Christian Academy.

And when you come home after school, I will
be here, waiting with your daily “3 o’clock
snack”. Ready for your sweet kisses and
infectious laugh. My arms, lap, and heart
will always be open to you my precious
daughter. I love you so much.  

Daddy and I are proud of you.

      Love, Mama