Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Lacey's 4th Birthday

This year my hubby and I decided we wanted to be INTENTIONAL in how we celebrated our children's upcoming birthdays. (A look back at our receipts on what we spent last year has been such a great motivator!) When it was time to plan both Lacey's (4) and Lilli's (6) birthday's we wanted to celebrate each girl, for who they are in the now.

The result?

We had two wonderful birthday experiences this year. The best part is that each of the girls felt really special and loved on their respective days. I've realized just how often we  Mama's plan the parties....the way WE want them to be!  Then, when the special event arrives, the kid who we are supposed to  honoring, has a miserable time because it's just too much, too long, or just simply not what they want to do! 
(Yes, this has been me in the past! lol)

I'd thought during my next few posts I would share some of the pix!

Lacey is my kid who typically LOATHES crowds of people. I used to fight her on this (making every family gathering and party a whine-fest) but now I have learned to accept that that is her "bend" and to use it my advantage. We invited only family (which is big crowd already!) and let her choose only one friend for this year. 

She hates to be rushed, so we took our time getting ready that morning.

This year, Lacey and I pow-wowed about her birthday party theme!
We decided on Cowgirl and by INCLUDING Lacey in the planning process she became more excited about her party.
(This is the part where I pause and applaud you if you are the type
 of mom that is not a party-planning nazi....
thank you for balancing the rest of us crazies out!)

I selected two incredibly cute cowgirl outfits and she got to pick one.
My Mama made her dress.
Aunt Di shipped the perfectly pink Cowgirl hat from Oklahoma.

I will FOREVER remember Lacey's face when she slipped on her party dress.
Smiles from ear to ear. Huge smiles.

Lacey had lots of ideas! She choose the color and of the  cupcakes (thanks DeeDee!)

She suggested we bring our old quarter horse Buck over to give rides to everyone....
we now have hoof prints in our front yard!

We gave all the kids cowboy hats and colorful bandanas.
Little Eliza Jane got all gussied up too!

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