Sunday, August 23, 2015

Breaking-up is hard to do!

Dear Summer of 2015,

It's been fun...and this is hard for me to write when we've had such a great time, but let's keep it real...I'm ready to move on. I know. I know. Breaking up is hard to do. But we ended school in mid-May (thanks Lighthouse Christian Academy) and don't start back up until after Labor Day (yes, even though I am far from a math-wiz that adds up to almost 15 weeks of summer).

Let's just both be honest. Four kids (and a puppy) home all summer long has been a joy (said with my best forced smile). But I'm flat out done.

Summer, we need to break up.

Don't get me wrong, we've had good times I'll cherish forever. But like they say, all good things must come to an end. (Insert reality check here: I have three weeks left until the first school bell rings).

We've hit the beach and spent hours building pillow forts. Lathered sunblock all over little bodies until we cried (me included). Picked off deer ticks and made trips to the ER. Trips to urgent care. Adjusted swim goggles. Cried over swim googles. Thrown swim goggles. 

We've stayed up late and ate hundreds (no exaggeration) of pancakes (for breakfast and dinner). Caught fireflies and rode horses and dug in mud holes. We've read the entire children's section of the local library (thanks Classical Education). We've baited crab pots and took late-night boat rides, house trained a puppy and ran circles through the sprinklers. We went to basketball camp and played mini-golf and laughed during boardwalk rides. VBS? Check. Swimming at Meme's? Family beach vacation with 26 (yikes!) other people? Check. Check. Check. It's been a ball. Really it has. I have the pictures to prove it!

But it has to stop. We must break up. I need my brain back (and my bathroom, which is scattered with kid toys because let's face it, throwing one and/or all of the littles into the bathtub at 3pm has saved this Mamas life on some rainy summer days). I've been so accommodating, so "fun", so flexible...but I need to get back to having some sanity around here. I miss the structure where bedtimes are set and lunches packed and I can go to the bathroom without being asked to tie (another) rainbow loom bracelet RIGHT NOW. 

So, I'm making this short and sweet. 

And, yes, I apologize to all the other Mamas who I've judged  in the past who "complained" about the l...o...n...g warm months and their kids being home. I thought I'd never be THAT kinda Mom. After all, my tan hubby and I thrive during summer and all of her sunny glory. We love and live for the calendar to show June- August.

But this year? I get it. I. REALLY. GET. IT. (I'm hiding out behind a tree in our backyard right now writing this I'm so desperate.)

So, Good bye Summer. It's been fun...
Love, Jodi
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