Thursday, March 27, 2014

Friday Quick-Takes: My 7 Fav's of This Week! (Linked in

ONE. Between me, my sister, and my sister-in-laws we've birthed 5 babies in the last 9 months.

Yes, when we ALL get together it's a little crazy! Here is a pic of some of us who recently met at the mall for a little fast walking and window shopping! Our newest group nickname when we gather? Bring Your Own Boob!
I grew up with a Dad who played basketball.
Let me restate that. I grew up with a Dad who LOVED
basketball.  Loved to play, loved to coach, loved to watch, loved to talk about the game. He was and still is, a phenomenal athlete and a joy to watch on the court. My jump shot is modeled after his. We connected over long hours at the gym shooting foul shots and drives to AAU National games around the country. He was there when I hit my first three, as a tiny freshman, on our undefeated high school varsity team. There to hug me when my knees hurt so bad in college that I had to sit out and rest for a spell.  I followed in his footsteps and played college ball.
It's been tough to watch his game change in recent years. Three hip replacements and aging bones have slowed him on the court but his fiery spirit is still there. He leaves an incredible basketball legacy to his four kids. All of us played competitive ball. All of us still compete today. My prayer is that I teach my children the way my Dad taught us. I recently saw this and it rocked my world.
This reminds me of my Dad.
Our 5-year-old has been memorizing classic poetry and beautiful recitations. She has memorized one scripture verse for each week she has attended kindergarten. I love witnessing her HIDE God's Word in her tender heart. It's amazing what these young minds are capable of retaining...all thanks to Classical Schooling!
Curious about Classical Curriculum?
Read about Classical Education here...
FOUR. This is what hangs in our bathroom...
Mother Teresa Anyway STOCK Art  PRINT 16x20 by GeezeesCustomCanvas, $45.00
FIVE. The latest of our littlest at two months old...
SIX. A good reminder for tired mamas...
I have seen one to many young Mothers put other thing and people before there own Child .It makes me sick. These poor children are so confused .the parents are there then they arent for a long time then just wanna come and go in the childs life .Why? Not because you care or love them if that was the case you would have been there from the start.
SEVEN. This BLEW me AWAY this week.
After reading it, I whimpered through an entire mini-pack of tissues and stole as many extra hugs from my babies as I could. This gave me that extra nudge of energy at the end of each long day to spend uninterrupted cuddle time with each of my munchkins as I tucked them into bed. Mama, may it encourage you!