Tuesday, May 8, 2012

At First Light: Day 26 "The GIFT of the Lion....."

He sits and waits.
His every fiber breathing strength.


He looks so tough, but His beautiful, honey fur is surprisingly soft.

His heart even softer.

 His tangled mane reflects His story.
The earthly story that He lived and suffered so that you may know Him. He has burrs and scars. Cuts and bruises.

He wears them proudly. Just for you.

His eyes meet yours and they burn straight through you.
You want to approach Him, to touch Him, but you hesitate. 

Your heart has a question; am I worthy?
And He whispers back to you gently,
"My daughter, no, you are not. But I am.
You are worthy because of my love."

 You inch closer.  
He looks so fierce.
You turn to leave, but then you catch His gaze again.
His eyes see straight through you. Straight to your heart.

And you feel warm as something miraculous radiates through you.

It stays as you move closer to Him.
It grows as you count the so many ways, on a daily basis,
just how much He loves you.

You can find His love in the mundane of this day.
A heart choosing gratitude becomes a heart of change.
A life of joy.

What gifts is He bestowing on you today?
What gifts, previously unnamed, have become so ordinary,
you are failing to see?

The way the baby coos for you, just you, the first thing each morning. The consistency of the sun warming your screened-in porch in the mid-morning haze.  The newness of spring flowers pushing through the earth to turn their heads toward the sky.
The hmm of your child learning to sing.

All gifts. From Him.
To You. Just You.

Warm, soupy bubbles covering your dishes in the kitchen sink.
The sound of quiet when the last kid is tucked in bed.
The familiar rise and fall of your husband's breath
as you lay your head on his chest.

All love notes from our Creator.
To You. Just You.

The Lion, our Heavenly King and Almighty Father,
the Great I AM,
He calls us to Him, to relationship
with Him every moment of every day.

He offers us gifts, opportunities to SEE Him.
We often pass them by. Rush about. Complain through.

In WHERE and in WHAT do you see Him today?

My sisters, take courage, decide to sit at His feet today.
Feel the Lion's strength and comfort as He nestles your heart. Count His gifts in the everyday.

Living Among His Gifts, Jodi

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